Indian Sheesham Wood 3-drawer console table / computer desk

Indian Sheesham Wood 3-drawer console table / computer desk


Measurements: 76 (h) x 42 (d) x 116 (w) cm Item Code: GAN 415 Warranty: 2 Years Eligible for Delivery


This beautiful console table / computer desk is made of tropical Indian Sheesham Wood (Indian rosewood) from renewable resources. Handcrafted in a classic, retro style, this sturdy piece provides plenty of storage options whilst remaining elegant, compact and manageable. With its lovely rich colors and grains, it will look great in your room in any contemporary or traditional home.

As it comes from a tropical climate to the UK’s temperate climate, the wood will naturally move; it will expand in summer and retract in winter. To allow this natural movement to take place and prevent the drawers from sticking, the base of the drawers are manufactured from high grade marine plywood.


Free in-store collection in Westbourne, Bournemouth; delivery to local area within 50-mile radius is charged at £1 per mile starting from £5; delivery to most of the other places in mainland UK at the price of £49.


It comes with a 2-year warranty on the workmanship. The warranty covers physical defects or changes that cause excessive visible movement and affect the structure stability of the furniture. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, normal settlement (this means minor shrinkage, swelling, small cracks and minor movement), or damages caused by mishandling, mis-use, accidents. Failure to treat your wooden furniture as advised could result in drying and splitting, and the invalidation of your warranty.

It is fully assembled with a handwaxed finish and easy to maintain. Simply use beeswax to polish it once every half a year.