A walk in Bournemouth upper garden

At the end of a very busy week, we woke up to a beautiful sunny morning today.

Life isn’t just all about work, even though I am a mother, a wife and a business woman. The easiest way for me to unwind is to go for a walk in Bournemouth Upper garden.

We feel so blessed to have lived near the Upper garden for the last 8 years. It never ceases to amaze me with its beauty. Autumn is my favourite season, the leaves put on such a glorious show before they return to earth and turn back to dust. It is even more beautiful than the flowers in spring.

Look at this tree, it looks as if it were on fire, my daughter calls it ” Phoenix”!
A closer look at the leaves!

Once I set foot in the Uppper garden, all the housework, paperwork and whatever other type of work disappears from my mind. Just like a child, I don’t ever stop feeling amazed at the sky, the sunlight, the leaves,  the stream running through the garden……..

Every tree is so unique in its own way, and it surprises me so many passers-by don’t even lift their heads or look around, they are rushing to get to places, or looking at their mobile phones…….

My husband was teasing me and saying that I sounded like a country bumpkin, but if  you stand under a glorious mighty tree like this and lift your head up, you will understand me! The Upper garden has lots of trees that are well over 100 years old, they are waiting with opening arms to impress you!

autumnal-tree-upper-gardens-bournemouth      autumnal-leaves-green-upper-gardens-bournemouth

There are some thin shoots of bamboos growing beside the stream in the garden, too! I love the soft whispers of the bamboo leaves when a breeze passes by.

We followed the stream in the Upper garden all the way back to the water tower; then we decided to head back. We much prefer the upper garden. Upper garden is all peace and quiet compared to the lower garden and central garden; the lower garden and central garden are still beautiful but a bit too noisy for me, too close to the town center.

A walk in the Bournemouth Upper garden will make you want to walk every single beautiful garden, every single beautiful woods in the world. It feels like a secret world, stil inhabited by fairies…………….

Look, my husband has just caught a little garden fairy in his hands! 🙂

Have you read Bill Bryson’s ” A walk in the woods”? I love that book, it is one of the most hilarious adventure books I have ever read. As much as I love the woods, I don’t think I am tough enough to be a hiker surviving the woods in Appalachian Trail in USA. I am no tough cookie, or maybe I am just not a tough cookie yet?

I have also listened to Alistair Humprey’s  amazing speech about his 5-year bike journey around the world. He told a lot of incredible stories of his journey . He lived on £7000 during his 5-year bike journey, survived most of the days on banana sandwiches (two pieces of bread with one banana in the middle), and on the worst days bread sandwiches ( basically it is 3 slices of bread together). Have a guess the longest time he went without a shower is, the answer is 2 months, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….  He showed some of the photos he took along the journey, just absolutely amazing scenery!  If you want to see more about his amazing journeys, check out his website http://www.alastairhumphreys.com/

It is my husband’s and my dream to spend a few years of our life sailing around the world, walking every beautiful garden and kayaking every meandering river, as well as carrying on finding amazing stuff for our shop and for our lovely customers………As much as my husband and I admire Alistair’s amazing journey, we have a family to raise and our daughter is going to a secondary school;  We have to put our world travelling dream on hold for now.

Having said so, we are also very happy with just a couple of hours a day walking in Bournemouth Upper gardens, in the new forest, kayaking on the river Stour or sailing on the sea near the Poole harbour.


Because if you stop and look around, life is pretty amazing!

Love Scape xxx

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