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Modern Dorset Solid Mango Wood & Rattan Range

This new range has been developed to showcase the wonders of rattan as a sustainable natural resource. First used during the 1840’s where Cyrus Wakefield started the first rattan furniture company in south reading Massachusetts in the U.S,  where entire furniture pieces were found to be just as strong as solid wood but were much lighter and more cost effective to produce. The art of weaving the rattan goes back millennia,  where it was used to create baskets, other containers and vessels to predominately store and keep food. Our beautiful Dorset Modern range combines the splendid rattan styling on the drawer and door panels with the durability of solid mango tropical hardwood. Available in two distinct finishes natural,  and black painted, with the natural sporting complimentary matt finish brass legs and door knobs and the black utilising black iron legs with deco style brass door knobs. Both styles are raised off the floor so will give the user a feeling of more space within there room.

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