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As we wave goodbye to the glorious summer weather and long days on the beach, you may be finding yourself wanting to curl up with a hot drink and your favourite TV show or book instead of braving the unpredictable autumn weather. Take this opportunity to reflect on whether or not you are using the space in your home effectively and if you would benefit from making any small (or big!) changes to your living space. Typically, most people think that spring is the best time of the year for a declutter and a big clean but with the cold Christmas months drawing closer, you could probably do with saving some space and creating some calm within your home after the long and busy summer we’ve just had. There are many ways in which you can save space (even your coffee tables could be using up unnecessary space!), here are a few brilliant statement products that not only put the valuable space you have to good use, but will also look fantastic in your home! The dark mango wood products are also available in a stunning natural blonde colour which can be found on our website.

This 100% dark mango wood 4-darwer bookcase/room divider is perfect for the storage and display of books, ornaments, and other items that otherwise may clutter tables. It is not only a display unit, it can be used as a room divider too! The deep colouring of the dark wood creates a warm and cosy feeling, perfect for the autumn and winter months.

Dark Mango Wood 4 Drawer bookcase room divider




Another piece of solid wood furniture ideal for storage is this dark mango wood bookcase with three drawers. This is a great way to store all your books, CDs, DVDs and ornaments, with additional storage space in the three draws located at the bottom of the case perfect for small items you don’t require to be on display but may still want easy access to.


Dark Mango Wood 4 Hole Cube Unit


The 100% dark mango wood four hole cube unit is ideal for displaying ornaments, books, DVDs, CDs, photo frames and other items that would otherwise take up space on a sideboard or table. The design, tall and not overly wide, allows easy storage for places with very limited space and also allows access to the items on display.


This light mango wood  TV  stand is perfect those corner space that you are trying to make use of! It comes with 4 drawers and plenty of useful shelf space to hold your DVDs, CDs, sky box,  DVD players…..

light mango wood TV stand /corner unit




These gorgeous sheesham wood nest of three tables are very convenient for living spaces with not a large amount of room for, well, living! They neatly tuck under one another which means that the total space the three tables take up is only the size of one table. The tables are made from a solid tropical sheesham wood (Indian rosewood) which is a renewable source and are very natural in appearance.


If you are looking for extra hidden storage for all your collection of drinks, this sheesham wood drinks cabinet might the one. It looks like an ordinary sideboard, but when you open the doors, you will see all the storage space for your bottles.

sheesham wood drinks cabinet

There are many more products available on our website which you may decide fits your home interiors and space better than these products, including smaller versions of the ones featured above.

Have a cosy autumn and happy shopping,

Love Scape xxx

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