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Sheesham Wood

Our beautiful Sheesham hardwood furniture has been handcrafted using age old proven traditional carpentry techniques for added durability. It is ethically sourced from sustainable FSC ( Forestry Standards Council) approved stocks. Our Sheesham wood is premium grade A so has amazing wood grain and patterning throughout. Sheesham hardwood was first discovered by the British when they colonised the Indian sub-continent during the 1700’s , it was shown to have a very high tensile strength due to its extremely dense wood fibre and subsequently exported to Britain for use in ship building and other engineering projects like bridge building. Growing much faster than oak it proved to be a very valuable resource, and has been used in the creation of wonderful pieces of furniture in Europe since the earliest days of the Raj. Indeed some historians have even speculated that it made our navel ships stronger than our adversaries at that time helping the British empire to win out in many important navel conflicts with other countries.

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