Reading outside!

What is your favourite place to read? I would answer without hesitation, ”outside!”

I grow up spending most of my spare time reading. Nothing beats the memory of reading at the beach. Just get the books listed under “great beach reads” and stash them in your beach bag, dive into them (after you dive into water) at the water’s edge!

Spending time outside and reading a good book can be very addictive. You can get so wonderfully lost in both worlds when you are sitting on a boat in the middle of a quiet lake,lounging on a bench along a quiet garden path, or Seated in a comfy chair, breezy hammock, cushiony sofa, or, perhaps, on the lawn…They are much better places to read than busy bus stops, crowded subway…..

Remember what the famous shoe company says, “Just do it!” So grab your favourite book and go outside. It’s good for the soul, it’s good for your health! Indulge yourself in reading outside!

Happy outside reading! Love Scape x

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