Scape secrets: arrange silk flowers in 4 steps

Arrange silk flowers in 4 steps

Buying fresh flowers every week is so expensive and they seem to die off so quickly (especially if you forget to water them like me)! Lots of lovely customers have complimented us on our beautiful wooden furniture with our striking silk flower arrangements, so here are some quick steps on how to arrange artificial flowers and decorate your country home like a pro.

Things you’ll need


-Silk flowers


-House hold string or floral  foam

1.Planning perfection- things to consider before you start arranging

Where can I get my silk flowers from: flower market, online, supermarket, charity shops and independent shops like Scape. Figure out what your budget is, how much do you want to spend? How many silk flowers will you need and how do you want it to look e.g. consider your color pallet, height, texture, mood and style of arrangements you want to create.

2.Start arranging

Set up a workplace, the Kitchen worktop is a great place to spread out or if it’s sunny or optimistic try the garden. Before starting make sure you are at eye level with your arrangement. Now start prepping the flowers by shaping each leaf and flower head back into place and make sure the stem is straight and no heads of the flower have fallen off.

Add large flowers first, filling in the gaps with smaller blooms. Try to position smaller flowers around your largest flowers, creating an S shape in you arrange and space flowers out as much as possible to make the arrangement look bigger. Then tie the arrangement with a piece of household string to stop it moving.


silk flower arrangement Bournemouth Dorset
Look how well our Spring arrangement compliments our reclaimed wooden furniture

Start with the largest / main flower insert the stem into the vase by bending the steam or inserting into a block of floral foam. Make sure your arrangement is taller than the vase, height really does matter! Add some texture with some greenery why not try a banana leaf, or use seasonal arrangements like cherry blossom for Spring or conkers for Autumn.

Remember practice makes perfect. No one is a professional florist to start with!

3.Create a Statement

Think of the color wheel from school try matching warm and cool colors together like yellow, orange and red to create a ascetically pleasing arrangement. How about using a season to influence your arrangement? Spring is full of pastel pink, sunbeam yellow and apple green.

Or why not try to mix and match a variety of the same color flowers together, like white peonies, daisies and hydrangeas or add a tonal effect by choosing the same color flower such as roses but in different shades.

When choosing a vase think about the type. Is it long and thin? Then delicate thin stemmed flowers like daisies are better for your arrangement. Or are you using a short and wide vase? Then large headed short stemmed flowers like peonies would be a better shot. Or why not be a little unique, how about a wine bottle, a pair of wellingtons, a mason jar or a watering can! Truly anything that can be a make shift vase. Get creative!

FullSizeRender (5)
Example of a Summer themed arrangement


4.Picture Perfect Placement

Every room is a potential exhibit to showcase your fabulous new arrangement in. Think about that flat, dull room in your house that needs to be refreshed, a burst of color could be just what the doctor ordered. Consider the color scheme of the room you want to display your new arrangement in, you want your friends to notice them, make sure your arrangement will stand out.

New home or moving? Make your house more of a home by welcoming your guests with your new arrangement. Or even compliment your beautiful wooden furniture with a stunning arrangement.

If you’re like me and you lack those green fingers, why not pop into Scape where we have our own professional florist who is more than happy to make you your own unique flower arrangement, from however much you want to spend….Find us at 5 and 7 Westbourne arcade, Bournemouth, Dorset!

I look forward to sharing some more Scape secrets next week but till then here is the quote to help you through your  week…..

 “Flowers can’t solve all your problems but they’re a great start”

       Love Scape xxx



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