Le Mat Revolver American Civil War 1860

Le Mat Revolver American Civil War 1860


Product Description

Circa 1860, The Le-Mat revolver was one of the most powerful hand guns ever produced, with a .42 0r .36 calibre cap & bull black powder revolver. Invented by Alexandre Le-Mat of New Orleans, it  featured an unusual secondary 20 gauge smooth bore barrel capable of firing buckshot. With its nine chambers and 20 gauge shot gun capabilities, it gained a formidable reputation when it saw service with the armed forces of the confederate states of America during the American civil war of 1861-65.  It was noted that one shot correctly aimed could penetrate through up to four ranks of marching soldiers, hence its issue to only the top ranking officers in the confederate army.  Indeed just to be caught in unauthorised possession of this formidable weapon was a hanging offence.



Height: 37 cm x Width: 5 cm x Depth: 17 cm


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