• Christmas acts of kindness in Westbourne

    The season of giving in Westbourne On the day before Christmas Eve, we were delighted to share the joy of Christmas with those in our community who didn’t have  anyone to share it with. Truly’s Restaurant on Seamoor Road in Westbourne, put on a free traditional Christmas lunch.  Lauren Reading, owner of Truly’s, said ”I […]

  • the Grand Bazar in Tehran, Iran

    Iran in the eyes of a German girl

    My name is Helia Kleer and I was born in Germany, but my family is from Iran. Currently, I  live and work in Bournemouth. I have always loved to travel around; that’s why after my graduation I have decided to come to England. But there is no place like home. My heart belongs to my […]

  • the spirit of independence

    Thoughts on independent retail

    My husband and I have been running Scape Interiors West Ltd in Bournemouth for 11 years. Through all the ups and downs, we have made mistakes and also learned quite a few important lessons from running our own business. I would like to share with you my thoughts over independent retail. 1.  The retail industry […]

  • praying frog painting

    New chapter for Scape

    Sept and Oct are an extremely busy time of year for us, as we are getting ready to receive stock for the busy Christmas season. It is also a time of change for us, as we are consolidating our two shops into one shop at 5 Westbourne arcade. The reason for the consolidation is because […]

  • Easy Delicious and Nutritious Vegetarian Quinoa Recipes

    I have recently come across quinoa (pronounced keen-wa)  and its numerous benefits; it would be selfish not to share the many beneficial properties of this healthy ingredient! Hence why it has been a staple in South American cuisine for thousands of years, and a very important crop for the Inca Empire. Furthermore, quinoa has now […]

  • Industrial Style Solid Acacia Wood Dining Table

    The Beauty of Wood, and Why it Makes the Best Furniture

    For several millennia, wood has been used and fashioned by humans. At first, our kind used wood to defend loved ones and themselves against attacks from other communities. Then, wood’s primary use became producing fire and keeping wild wolves at bay. The first time we used wood as furniture? That’s still an ongoing debate! Some […]

  • Swiss cheese indoor plant

    Best indoor plants for a greener living

    We had a loft conversion and kitchen extension done during the last 12 months, new carpet fitted, rooms painted…..Due to 5 years of studies back in the uni on biology, I am fully aware of all the toxic agents that could be released into the air through the new carpet, new paint and the building […]