• multi drawer cabinet

    Drawers, lots of drawers!

    Looking for something new for your home?   Something that’s a little bit different?Well, we might just have it! We’ve got two very interesting multi-drawer cabinets. We did have four but two got snapped up within about a week of their arrival. The remaining two are quite unique in style, a blend of rustic vintage with […]

  • Scape’s Spring Awakening

    Let us be your eSCAPE, welcome to the most bloomingly lovely furniture shop in Dorset! Have you been longing for the warm spring sunshine, like you we can’t  wait to see all the trees starting to blossom into life and the flowers blooming from their long winter nap. It’s been a long Winter, but Spring is […]

  • hope

    Thoughts on hope

    In the face of so much uncertainty amongst all the Brexit turmoil, in a changing world where nothing and no one remains the same, there seems to be so few things we can hold on to. None of us can step into the same river twice. A family friend’s daughter was going through severe depression, […]

  • Thoughts on love

    Thoughts on love

    It was Valentine’s day last week! I had an interesting conversation with a friend’s daughter. She is a beautiful 18-year old. She was talking about being away from her boyfriend back in Germany, crying a lot and badly missing him. She said she was totally, madly in love with him and would marry him immediately if he […]

  • Our 10th anniversary celebration

    After weeks of preparation, our 10th anniversary unravelled on the 30th of Nov, 2018. We were grateful for the presence of the Mayor and Mayoress, Councillor John Beesley, Kevin the general manager from Hope FM, Mike from Bournemouth video club and  all our friends and customers who came along. Our 10th anniversary also coincided with Bournemouth […]

  • adventurous annika at durdle door

    An interview with our adventurous Annika

    Today is the last day of work for our Annika, as she is due to go back to Germany and continue with her studies. It has been lovely to work with her and get to know her, she is a free-spirited and adventurous young person. We have decided to interview her about her experience in […]

  • 10 years of furniture design

    The Scape Story   As Scape-west turns 10, I interview business owner, Justin Brandon on the origins of this independent furniture retailer and discuss what they have in-store next.    How did Scape come about?   Scape first came about when I was travelling through India with my father back in 2001. We were doing […]