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The Beauty of Wood, and Why it Makes the Best Furniture

For several millennia, wood has been used and fashioned by humans. At first, our kind used wood to defend loved ones and themselves against attacks from other communities. Then, wood’s primary use became producing fire and keeping wild wolves at bay.

The first time we used wood as furniture? That’s still an ongoing debate! Some scholars suggest that we used to construct shelters in and around trees, using it to support our homes. Others argue that the first time humans used wood as furniture was when we lived inside caves and created beds out of leaves and vines. However, they can all agree that we have used wood for a very, very long time.

We are connected to wood through generation after generation. Trees were on our planet long before us and will undoubtably be on it long after we have left.

A story that I like to tell happened while travelling through the heart of China with my father in law. He took me to an ancient tree that had been there for approximately five thousand years. I was in awe at the beauty of its trunk, but what caught my attention the most was the ancient graffiti meticulously carved into its boughs. There were numerous stories and tales held within this tree’s ancient weathered trunk, tales that depicted romance and absolute devotion between long ago lovers.

I love being surrounded by wood, it gives off a sense of warmth and individual character that cannot be found in any other material on Earth, perhaps that’s why we are so connected to it.

unique Parisian style storage cabinet with lots of drawer

Our unique Parisian style storage cabinet /chest of drawers

One of the best things about wood is how versatile it can be. I enjoy experimenting with the design and concepts around furniture, which can, at times, be very challenging. However, over the years I learned that the best way to achieve creativity is simply to put in more hours of labour in to working with the wood. A perfect example of this is my light mangwood Hexagonal furniture range, where all the front panels of the doors or drawers were constructed in 3D with the purpose of creating a mosaic with a timber shape and pattern. If situated in direct sunlight, the pieces will produce a sort of shadowing all over its front, and throughout the day the furniture will look entirely different depending on the shadows created due to the position of the sun. Observing this reminds me and accentuates the feeling that wood is a living thing rather than an inanimate piece of furniture.

handcarved light mango wood chest of drawers with hexagonal panels

our light mango wood chest of drawers with hexagonal pattern

Besides that, the best part about wooden furniture is that it lasts a lifetime! Scratches can be easily fixed with beeswax and tropical hardwoods are not only stronger than oak, but also fast growing and therefore sustainable on an industrial scale!

If, upon reading this you find yourself wanting to integrate wooden furniture to your home, please check out this list with images and dimensions of the lovingly handcrafted pieces of wooden furniture I have in stock and need to clear as quickly as possible, therefore have all been significantly discounted.

Most importantly, these pieces carry the following Official International Certifications:

-Ecologically Sustainable
-From Government Approved Stocks
-Correct Internal IP Moisture Content for the European Temperate Climate
-Recommended by the Forestry Standard Council (FSC)

Local and nationwide delivery available.

Thank you for reading!

Love Scape xxx

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