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I recalled my last trip to Liverpool when I looked at the photos on the camera. The city is no longer the industrial city that people think of. It has developed into a centre of food, art and music in recent years. In addition to Anfield Stadium, the Albert Dock, and The Beatles Story, which are familiar to visitors, there are always ways to find some surprises in the city if you’re looking for something special to experience.


69A is a vintage shop established in 1976. It seems to have a unique and wonderful name, which looks like a place name. 69A did not have its own name at the beginning of its establishment, so customers who frequented it have become accustomed to using its address at the time: 81A to call it. Whereas after moving to Liverpool, it seems that it has the qualifications to have its own famous name, but out of special tacit understanding, the owner is still willing to name it with the house number: 69A, and even when it eventually moved to 75 Renshaw St, the name hasn’t been changed either.


Just a store name seems to make you have a kind of confusion and indescribable curiosity. Upon entering the store, I found an astonishing number of vintage clothing hanging in a well-organized but slightly careless style on rows of hangers. I mean, they were certainly neat, the jackets hanging in one row and the T-shirts in another, all kinds of clothes from all eras were very carefully sorted, but there were also cabinets between the different kinds of clothes with stacks of old, but very clean, books on them, and there were even some porcelain tea utensils on the upper level of the cabinets. They all had a special temperament, they looked a little crowded, but never messy.


When I stroked the soft American jacket from the 1950s and tried on the vintage sunglasses with a slightly exaggerated look, I even thought that I was in the centre of fashion. However, when I turned around and saw the simple silver jewellery and the wooden cabinets where they were placed, I felt like I was in a misty alley. I even guessed that anyone who enjoys owning objects with a period feels, whether a collector or a random passerby wandering in, can find anything they want here: records, antiques, porcelain, furniture… Those items just lied casually in every corner of the store. I believed that each of them had its own story and all I needed is to lower my head and listen.


With the somewhat mottled old floor beneath my feet, the warm yellow light as far as the eye could see, the peculiar scent from the old items, and the translucent ceiling overhead, I stood amidst the dazzling collection and didn’t know where to begin to appreciate it. Suddenly, I heard a cat meows, I looked down and found that it was a ginger cat who blended perfectly with the atmosphere of this store, whether it was the warm yellow fur that matched the store’s lighting or its languid and calm pace. The assistant seemed to have noticed my confusion, and he enthusiastically and unhurriedly introduced me to the various items in the 69A. Of course, most are vintage clothing from all over the world, which is also the earliest collection of this store. To my surprise, it even has a lot of 60s of porcelain or some small objects from China and Japan, from 50 pence to thousands of pounds. What made me most happy is that they also have a lot of furniture from all over the world. The assistant informed me that the chair where the cat was lying was also,  furniture that could be sold.


These rustic furniture and small objects remind me of the various styles of furniture and accessories in our store, which also comes from all over the world, and each has its own unique charm and qualities. They are created by master craftsmen who have not only excellent talent, but also a long heritage of craftsmanship. Our vintage style chest of drawers inspired by travel may give your space a bit more personality.


While 2020 has really been a tough pill to swallow in more ways than one, both for a small family business like ours and for you, we have never given up to bring you reliable quality furniture  and we’re always interested in creating a unique look for your home. Thanks to our customers for all encouragement and support over the years. It is you who have given us the power to travel in different cultures around the world to seek out the wonderful items for your homes.


Love Scape xxx


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