true love story

A True Love Story

  1. True love is jumping into the car at midnight in the freezing cold to get you a takeaway after you told him you were hungry.
  2. True love is taking the kids to dance, drama and violin lessons during rush hour every week. True love is organizing birthday party for the kids, setting up a massive 10-person tent, blowing up 10 kids’ sleeping bags, setting up a camp fire for them.
  3. This is true love. True love is not from a Prince Charming who looked into your eyes and then disappeared completely, neither is true love from a distant person who was never there when you needed him. True love is not this primitive physical attraction that Ed Sheeran sings, ”I’m in love with your body”.
  4. True love is from this person who is there every day in your life, ups or downs, rich or poor. True love is when you are with this person who looks at you and the kids lovingly, declaring proudly ”this is my tribe”.
  5. True love means BEING THERE with you, when sometimes you felt so low that you almost wanted to jump off a cliff; true love means putting up with your tantrums, tolerating what a negative, moody, nasty piece of work you could be on your worst days…True love is all seeing, all knowing and all accepting…Seeing each other’s worst side, yet knowing you will still be there, as always.
  6. True love is appetizing, he knows the way to your heart is through your stomach, so he finds a new recipe from BBC Good Food website and cooks a new dish for you every week…
  7. True love is forgetful. One minute ago he was so mad with you crashing his new car, the next he’s putting a hat on your head because he’s worried about you getting sun burnt.
  8. True love is silly, being stupid together, you become children in front of each other, you pillow fight…
  9. True love is that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you look through all the old holiday photos, remembering all the good times you had…
  10. True love is where you feel safe, where you can be yourself, where you become the best version of yourself for each other…true love is watching the kids growing up together, growing old together…

So what is your love story? xxx

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