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Valentine’s Day

Just a few weeks before Valentine’s Day! If you are running out of ideas for this special day , we are here to help you! Usually people offer some roses, chocolate or jewellery, but maybe this year you can do something new and surprise that special someone!  Let us inspire you with some uniquely different ideas. Make Valentine’s Day this year a very special day that will be remembered for a long time!


  1. Our first idea (and our favourite!!!) is that you can do something really simple! Just take a pen and paper (or some pens with different colours, it’s up to you!) and a jar. Write on the paper everything good about him or her, how you met each other, what attracted to that person or things like that and it’s done! Simple, cheap but so sweet, because it’s created form the heart!!!

  2. Begin the day with a lovely breakfast like this.  It will show how important he or she is to you. Valentine’s Day start with breakfast, not dinner!

  3. Use pictures that you already have, or take some more with personal messages on them, make a photo wall collage, use one of our multiframes (see bellow). Surprise your loved one by hanging it above your bed. Store all your precious memories, best moments, it’s something very special  and personal to you both! Surely it will melt his or her heart!


  4. Reenact your first date, make a reservation at the same place, eat the same food, be romantic like the first day and he or she will fell in love again with you!!!

  5. Make some sweets for your sweetheart!

  6. A retro “love” light to add to your collection. It’s hot, hot, hot!!!!

Good luck and make it special !!!! Love SCAPE XXXX








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