kayaking with family

10 things that might make an introvert happy!

It really surprises me that when we asked a lot of our customers their primary goal in their life, the answers are almost always ‘’ be happy’’. I had always thought most of the people had the plan to change the world or invent something that changes history.

Some of the people I know, such as our shop fairy Caitlin and Christelle,  are just born to be happy people, they are almost always smiling, and yes, lovely smiles like sunshine……..their happiness is infectious, they make you happy when you are around them.

For introverts like me, these are the top 10 things that make me happy

  1. a quiet walk in the woods with family or good friends, the fresh air is the perfect way to blow away any thoughts that may be clouding your mind. Happiness is maximized with a picnic full of delicious treats.
  2. a kayaking session down a beautiful river with family or good friends (the 2-hour kayaking journey down the River Sorgue in Provence is my favourite so far, the river is simply stunning, life is good on the river Sorgue!)

    kayaking with family
    Kayaking with my daughter on the river Sorgue!
  3. sailing on the sea with my little family (the breeze sets your spirits free, the sea makes all your problems look so small)

    Father and daughter sailing
    My husband and daughter at the helm!
  4. making a piece of needle felt artwork (arts and crafts are just so absorbing, it makes me forget about time, forget about all the ”to do”! )
  5. reading my favourite history books or poems (the stories make you laugh, make you cry, make you sigh)
  6. travelling, seeing new places, meeting new people (the newness simply excites me)
  7. building the others up (I used to suffer from low self-esteem and I often felt lost and worthless, it took me a long journey to find my confidence back, and it is just amazing to be able to encourage the others and help them to find their way out of the depths)
  8. Helping others, giving to the community (it is more blessed to give than to receive, giving takes your eyes off your own world and helps you to see the needs of others! )

    community work
    My husband doing the community work of hanging the flower baskets in Westbourne Arcade
  9. Food, food, glorious food, food that takes you to places, food that reminds you of your childhood, mmmmmm
  10. Listening to my favourite classical music ( again just so happy in my own world)


I asked my extroverted husband what would make him happy, one of his answers was “talking to lots of people”. Oh wow, I can honestly say that that is an idea of a nightmare to an introvert 🙂

Remember that you are in charge of your own happiness! Don’t put the key to your happiness in someone else’ pocket! Today you CAN choose to be happy, you CAN choose to take the time to do things that make you happy 🙂

Spread happiness! Love SCAPE XXX

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