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Two shop fairies that love to sew

We have two shop fairies who both have a love affair with sewing.

First up, shop fair Emma…

”My Soul is fed with a needle and thread…and glorious colour!

I love making cushion covers. I really don’t need anymore but I enjoy it so much. I love delving into my collection of fabrics and trims, arranging all the possibilities and delighting in all the combinations. It really does light me up inside!

Making your own cushion covers is great because it’s…

  • YOUR creative expression…a way to express it in your home.
  • UNIQUE…no one else in the world will have one.
  • EMPOWERING…we are all creators. I think we forget sometimes, we just buy stuff!
  • EASY to make.
  • a perfect project for AUTUMN. Making our homes cosy for Winter and something to do when its cooler outside.
  • SATISFYING…you will feel SO pleased with yourself!

If colour is your thing, like it is mine, you could go one step further and dye your fabric. I found some vintage floral fabric which I dyed bright pink and it looks great! You just have to check what the fabric is made of, as it will determine how well the dye will take. I love experimenting with dying fabrics. It’s the element of surprise because you never know how it will turn out.”


Second up, shop fairy Caitlin

”Having a family laced with seamstresses can be a lot of fun. Growing up, I’d never be short of a fantastic new costume for a fancy dress party and there was never such thing as trousers being too long! The huge pile of fabrics and scrap materials was always a treat to dive into.

Although occasionally I may have been pricked by pins and left frustrated by a project that isn’t going to plan, learning how to sew has been one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. It isn’t just about wearing (or displaying) your finished garment, it’s about all the hard work and love you put into every stitch, no matter how cliché that sounds! Sewing can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home and you can choose from endless amounts of projects to find the right one for you; anyone can sew, you’ve just got to believe that you can and you will!”

Any day spent sewing is a good day!

Happy Sewing! Love SCAPE xxx

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