Add Your Colour Pop!!

Nothing perks up a home faster than a little color — and some of the most fun spots to add color to are the ones you would least expect. These painting projects will definitely make you do a double take, and they just might put a smile on your face, too.

Above: You might be the only one who knows about the colorful surprise lurking inside your cabinets… but it’ll be worth it every time you pull out your dishware.

Exposed ducts got you down? Make them a design feature with a little bit of color.

Usually you see painted rooms with white trim — doing the opposite plays with your expectations in a delightful way.

If you’re not up to painting all your trim, you could try painting just the top part of the trim profile, for a look that’s more subtle but still surprising.

We love the look of the colored back of a bookcase peeping out from behind a few volumes.

Painting the inside of a drawer might be a little more work, but it’ll make retrieving your stuff a joy every time.

Painting the back of your closet a beautiful color will inspire you to keep clothes under control, so you’ll have a chance of glimpsing that gorgeous hue.

Painting the ceiling is dramatic and unexpected… and we love the idea of letting the color continue down the walls, too.

Don’t feel like investing a ton of time? You can still get a big impact by painting the edge of a door.

Happy Painting!! Love SCAPE X

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