Make Your Rented House Your Home.

For lots of us, it feels as if we’re constantly moving to a new place to call home. In the past five years, I have moved six times!! Even though some of those spaces were only home to me for a few short months, I have always made it a priority to make each one truly feel like my home!!

Living in a rented place can be tough – and some landlords are more strict than others with what they allow you to alter. With a little creativity, though, you can make any space feel like home. Here are some of my favorite ways to do just that.


Cleanse the energy: Have you ever walked into a space and felt a certain energy, even though no one else may have been in there at the time? I believe that energies of past inhabitors or their experiences can linger in a space even after those people have left, and those energies can really affect the way we feel. In order to cleanse the space and maximize comfort in my new flat,  I burn sage when I first move in. It also helps get rid of any lingering smells left behind, pooooh!!


Paint: I have always liked to paint my walls according to what feeling I want the room to give off. My bedroom walls for example, i always paint a calming hue to make me feel at ease and help me to relax at the end of the day. Even if you only paint one wall, do it!! It will make the room instantly feel more homely, and its easy to repaint when you leave if need to!!


Change up the hardware: You may not be able to choose the cabinets in your kitchen, but you can absolutely change the hardware on them. Using unique knobs and pulls is such a simple way to bring your personal aesthetic into a space, and it makes a huge difference. You can do the same with switch-plate covers and doorknobs, too!


Make a Picture Wall: It’s amazing how much a simple jumble of photographs, mirrors and paintings can bring a room to life, and they are so easy to do!! Putting together a picture wall when I move into a new place is one of my favorite things to do, I love how you can put together such an eclectic mix of random images and yet they all work together!


Freshen up your Bathroom:  This is an idea taken from a hotel I once stayed in, and all you need is some eucalyptus and some twine! Hang the eucalyptus upside down by tying it to your shower head with the twine. When you run your shower, the steam will rise up towards the eucalyptus, filling your bathroom with the most refreshing, relaxing scent. Plus, the added greens are lovely on the eyes. You’ll definitely feel a little closer to nature.



Scent it up: Smell is such a powerful sense. A gorgeously-scented space can totally transform your mood in a matter of seconds. I’m constantly burning candles and incense, one of my favorites at the moment is our ‘Relaxing’ candle here at SCAPE, it has geranium, sweet orange, lavender, lavandin and ylang ylang. I love that the scent lingers for days – I can smell it before even walking through my front door Whether you use candles, incense, or a homemade room spray, there really is nothing like having a home that smells heavenly.


BYOF: Bring your own fireplace. In my home growing up, we had this pretty mantel in the living room. Not a working fireplace, but a beautiful decorative piece nonetheless. I love the coziness and character it brings to the space. If you can get your hands on a piece like this, I absolutley recommend it. Check out antique stores, architectural salvage yards, and construction recycling centers.


Fill it with plants: Need I go into detail with this one? You all already know how obsessed I am with filling my space with greens. They just bring such a liveliness to the indoors (and they clean the air too). Line your windowsill with them… cover the floor… hang them from any possible object… go crazy! My new obsession is having a plant-filled bathroom.

Happy Renting!! Love The Shop Fairy xx

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