Spring Has Sprung!

When spring arrives, we naturally enter into this beautiful, colorful time, where layers are shed as we make room for new growth, both within us and around us. There always seems to be an excitement in the air. A wave of freshness takes over!

I absolutely adore the springtime, and the freshness that comes with it. Here are a few fun ways to immerse yourself in all things spring this year.


Bring more color into your life: Wintertime tends to bring with it a neutral color palette, urging us to match the hues of our personal worlds to those which we find outdoors. As we shift into spring, the budding plants urge us to surround ourselves with color – and we do this with our clothing, our home décor, and even the food we eat. Give in to that urge. Slip into a floral maxi, swipe some red across your lips, and walk down to the fresh fruit stand on the corner for the brightest seasonal fruit you can find.


Infuse some water: Take advantage of the sun’s bright rays by growing some fresh herbs on your windowsill, and using those herbs to make a delicious batch of infused water. I love these infused water recipes – and this year I think I might just use sparkling water.


Try something new: In the spring, we naturally feel more energized than we have over the last few months. Our minds feel clearer, our eyes brighter, and our hearts bigger. Use this wave of energy to get into something you’ve always wanted to do. Even if you don’t feel totally ready, just go for it. There’s no better time than now – and you certainly won’t regret it.

Press flowers: . I love this form of preserved beauty, and I do it all the time. Even if your garden is not yet blooming, pick up some pretty flowers at your local florists and press some between the pages of a heavy book. In just about a week your flowers will be ready to be displayed however you like.


Freshen up your home. Spring is the perfect time to purge the unnecessary and make some room in your home. Do a little spring cleaning – it doesn’t even have to be much. Clearing some space in the area you inhabit can actually have much deeper affects than you may realize. I recently read that clutter is the junk food of the mind, and I couldn’t agree more. Fill your fresh space with a few fresh blooms, and allow yourself to feel more and more at peace with every sweet floral breath you take.


Give your body a hand: In the spring, our bodies work hard to get rid of what’s been accumulating throughout the winter. While our bodies themselves are the best detoxifiers out there, it doesn’t hurt to give them a hand whenever we can! Dry brushing is an awesome way to help keep the lymphatic system moving as smoothly as possible. Plus, it exfoliates and brightens the skin, and even soothes the mind.

Happy Spring Time! Love SCAPE X

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