Let your inner animal run riot in your living space

For thousands of years tribal people from all around the world believe that we are all connected to a spirit animal that represents our true self. Are you a courageous brave lion who leads his tribe to success? Or are you more of a restless visionary with unique perception – like a night owl? Maybe, you are the head of a family, a grizzly bear – always caring and protective, never losing your cool and patience! It comes as no surprise that we often choose animal themed home accessories/sculptures to compliment our own personality within our interior design. After all – our home tells a story of who we are and what we love, our home shows our true colors!

Not sure which is your spirit animal? Try this quick and fun spirit animal test and you will find out!  Once you know your spirit animal, have a look at our Top 8 animal themed home accessories /sculptures and gifts.

1.When I saw these beautiful animal sculptures for the first time – I just couldn’t stop staring. Truly striking, different sizes and shapes but all very unique – an elegant cat or a fierce lion sculpture! They are eye-catching statement pieces! See our website for our entire range of animal sculptures! Small tip : if this sculpture is seated on a dark mango wood bookcase / room divider or Indian sheesham wood writing bureau, it will look even more striking!


2. For a more grounded, earthy and cozy look , for someone who likes beauty and functionality in one package – our faux leather foot stools! We have the elephant foot stool, lion foot stool. Toddlers absolutely love them ! A perfect house warming gift for a young family? And great to put your feet up on after a long day!


3.Craftsmen love leather and we love its natural look and soft texture. So if you are looking for a unique gift also bearing animal elements  – leather journals handcrafted by the ethnic Kurdish Bedouins could be the one! There are so many colors and designs available- cat, eagle, frog, owl or a butterfly…You name it!

4.If you are an addictive traveller like me and always get your heart broken by the inevitable end of an adventure – maybe you don’t have to leave it all behind. Perhaps our sculpted elephant and orangutan tables will bring back memories of an exotic holiday you had abroad?

5. Stone looking garden ornaments are also bang on trend!  Our hedgehogs, sheep and fish are waiting for you just outside our shop in the Westbourne Arcade!

6. Finally, animal paintings are yet another great way of showing our true colors in our home. Our canvas collection will not disappoint – from a geeky frog to more traditional bull and/or perhaps mystical deer in the woods…All you need to do – is choose one!

As  you can see, our shop earns its title of being a jungle oasis with a huge collection of animal themed products! We are truly an animal haven! Come instore and say hello to our animal residents!

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