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Tips on artificial / silk flower arrangements

It is hard to imagine anyone not appreciating flowers . Through flowers we say sorry, happy birthday, express love or we’ll miss you – whatever the occasion flowers act as almost a second language to us. No wonder some flowers, for example tulips, were worth more than gold in 17th century Netherlands! Thanks to the evolution of floristry, these days we can buy silk flowers for much MUCH less than the price of gold. Compared to the cost of fresh flowers, silk flowers definitely save you money in the long run! That is why a lot of hotels, restaurants and nursing homes in Bournemouth, Poole and other parts of Dorset have been buying our artificial/silk flower arrangements!

Again, thanks to incredible craft masters and designers, artificial flowers evolved to look so real that unless you inspect them through a magnifying glass you can hardly tell they are artificial. Small tip – mix them in with a few real blooms and they will even have a natural scent!

However, getting flowers is one job, knowing how to arrange them is yet a whole other form of art, especially for such a clueless person like me. I believe that there is more of us out there, so I decided to sit down with our director Justin Brandon and find out as much as I could about the art of flower arranging as he was a florist in his early working life.

You should see Justin do it! He is like a magician with a whole lot of tricks up his sleeves, except that those tricks appear in all sizes and colours silk blooms! I watched  many customers coming in with their empty vases and long faces and leaving half an hour later with the most beautiful floral arrangements and with the biggest smiles!

Here is a few tips from our Justin for those times when you dive into the marvelous world of flowers:

1.So many colors that it makes you dizzy? Remember your art class and get your colour wheel out! See the complimentary colors to create a contrast or split semi complimentary colors to make them match within your bouquet.  

2. Always work in odd numbers with your flower bouquets – 1, 3, 5 and so on, because it adds balance and looks better!

3. This is super important – your floral arrangement should always be two thirds larger than the vase/container you are making it for. So if you have 30 cm vase, make sure your flowers are 90 cm high. Width is less important, although it should be at least the width as the vase/container.

4. Put the flowers in a place where they receive natural light – they will come to live. Even if your flowers are arranged using artificial flowers it still looks better in a bright place and – more natural with the sunlight upon them.

5. It would also help to study your home style and decor before you start. For example Japanese style flower arrangements have less blooms but are very precise and delicate and look fabulous in modern style houses while traditional cottage houses require bigger traditional bouquets made up of your typical English country flowers.

6. Finally, if you are thinking of giving flowers to someone as a present – try to do a little bit of background research about that person, if you don’t know them already. Ask about their hobbies, favourite films and books etc. Also, ditch the stereotypes about flowers being not a suitable gift for men. Everybody loves flowers, including our husbands, fathers, sons and uncles! For men – you can’t go wrong with big statement blooms and deep colors like big red poppies or midnight orchids.

If you are still a bit lost – don’t be a stranger and pop in to see our huge range of artificial /silk  flowers and get some tips on how to arrange them. Bring your vases in and Justin will be more than happy to work his magic, offering you a lesson so you’ll be confident to have a go yourself.

Love Scape xxx






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