Drawers, lots of drawers!

Looking for something new for your home?¬† ¬†Something that’s a little bit different?Well, we might just have it!

We’ve got two very interesting multi-drawer cabinets. We did have four but two got snapped up within about a week of their arrival. The remaining two are quite unique in style, a blend of rustic vintage with industrial style, with a little french thrown in.

Vintage style multi drawers cabinet

Both cabinets have lots of drawers for your bits and bobs and enough character to bring a room to life.

Or perhaps you are a collector of curiosities in need of a unique display cabinet. That comes in the form of a coffee/wine table?

Well in which case, we have just the thing!

Again, rustic and industrial style, our coffee/wine table comes with two layers. The top, with it’s wooden sections covered with a glass lid, to display your curiosities or whatever takes your fancy. And underneath is the bottom layer that opens up like a suitcase, release the catches to reveal a secret mini wine cellar! It’s called a wine cellar but you could keep whatever you like in there.

multi storage space coffee table

multi storage coffee table


Love Scape xxx

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