Scape’s Spring Awakening

Let us be your eSCAPE, welcome to the most bloomingly lovely furniture shop in Dorset!

Have you been longing for the warm spring sunshine, like you we can’t  wait to see all the trees starting to blossom into life and the flowers blooming from their long winter nap. It’s been a long Winter, but Spring is finally here! Like you we’ve been very busy spring cleaning transforming Scape into an oasis  of  ivy trails, rose garlands,hanging fruit and lots of other exotic flowers and leaves. (All are available to buy : ) ) Our shop fairies have created a bit of mid summer night dream in here so please feel free to come and explore our botanical jungle.

Why? We want to brighten up your day.

We’ve got big BIG plans, creating a eSCAPE away. Let us transport you to our flourishing jungle full of lush greenery. We’ve also managed to convey a bit of our story into our  Scape experience…….

Did you know Jenny grew up in a little village where she was the only child ? She loved to climb orange trees and make friends with grasshoppers and birds…..


elephand and giraffe

And Justin’s passion for flowers. Well he used to be florist! You may have seen all the beautiful flower arrangements dotted around.  A little fact about Justin when he is feeling down, he retreats to his garden, returning covered in mud, smiling and feeling totally restored from the energy of the earth.


Here at Scape we’re all about creating a little escape from the hussle and bussle.

All the  family have been working together combining our passion for travel and adventure casting a spell that will uplift and bring happiness into all of your lives.

The more the merrier, it’s truly a family effort.

Justin took his life into his own hands climbing a precarious ladder to attach the exotic leaf and flower adorned trellises to the ceiling, (brave!) which were expertly decorated by our French shop fairy duo Marion and Laura.

Marion and emma

Thankfully I was helped by the shop fairies (and a large window spider called Patrick) while transforming our new spring window .

Britain's greenest furniture shop

This spring awakening has really inspired me to recreate my own botanical jungle in my home. It really does add a magical touch.

     “Savor life and all its magic”

 Living Life in full bloom with Scape xxx

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