Going Green Without The Fingers to Match.

Here at Scape we LOVE an indoor plant or two, we do however know how tricky it can be to keep them alive and kicking!! So here we have compiled the top 15 easy care plants for the home…. even we can’t kill these!!


Pothos do well in an array of lighting conditions, but low light may diminish the leaves’ variegation.


Aloe likes room temperatures around 70 degrees and a lot of sunlight.

Spider Plant


Spider plants thrive with evenly moist soil and bright or medium lighting conditions.

English Ivy


English Ivy prefers moist soil and cooler room temperature conditions, ranging from the mid-50s to about 70.

Jade Plant

Jade plant does not require a lot of water, so keep soil somewhat dry. It does well in bright light and ordinary room temperatures.

Rubber Tree

Allow the surface of the rubber tree’s soil to dry out in between watering. It needs lighting conditions from medium to bright, and a range of room temperatures between about 60 and 80.


Diffenbachia needs normal room temperature not colder than the mid-60s.



 If you’ve got kids or pets, do note before you buy: some may be toxic.

Happy Planting!! Love SCAPE X


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