Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Which Window is Fairest of them All??

So, it is of course that time of year again, it’s cold out, you can hear the faint sound of small children thumbing through catalogues marking the pages bearing this year’s pickings, and of course all the shops are putting up their fabulous Christmas windows!!! 

As a seasoned visual merchandiser, I have put up a Christmas window or two in my time, but none have been quite as exciting to do as the ones here at SCAPE. The beautiful tall, open Victorian windows really let you create exciting Christmasy scenes, from stockings hung by the fire with care, to a mistletoe and wine affair, also there really is something about throwing fake snow around that really puts you in the festive spirit!!

So after a few days hoisting up mirrors and being torn to shreds by holly, the windows are now complete!! And if I do say so myself particularly lovely!

They look even better in the dark, so stop by and have a look, the next time you are wandering through Westbourne in the evening!!

We will be entering the ‘Bournemouth’s got retail Talent’ competition again this Christmas, so watch this space for our entry number so you can vote for our lovely windows to win!!!

Happy Window Watching!! Love The Shop Fairy X


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