Indian Full Aniline Leather bags woman handbag unique large handbag household leather bag

Indian Full Aniline Leather bags

As a hand-made material with a long history, leather has exquisite luxury that other materials can’t replicate. Leather surfaces may look similar, but there is a big difference in their appearance, quality, feel and performance. There are many types and styles of women’s leather handbags on the market, but only a few of them can gain popularity among the housewife crowd.

A handbag should be simple, professional and unique, and the capacity should be large enough. If you can find a leather handbag that can attend multiple occasions in one style, it’s a win-win.

Our leather handbags produced by Indian artisans will not only enhance your style to the extreme but it will also be your best household leather bag! High-quality leather will provide countless years of comfort and lasting exquisite aesthetic.


Indian Full Aniline Leather bags woman handbag unique large handbag household leather bag


The new handbags are made of full aniline leather, which is the highest quality natural Napa leather. Aniline is the most natural, soft and elegant leather of all leather types. At the same time, it is also the most expensive of all kinds, as only the best raw hides can fit this type of leather. In the dyeing process of aniline leather, there are no insoluble pigments. The leather is put into a vat containing aniline dye of the chosen color until the dye has completely penetrated the leather, resulting in a fully saturated and uniform leather with a natural grain, including all markings, scars and wrinkles. When dyes and oils are mixed and immersed in leather, the leather becomes softer and the appearance is richer. Besides, due to the different absorption rates of other areas during the dyeing process, the color of the entire leather is not consistent, which improves the authenticity of the leather surface and adds beauty. As time goes by, aniline leather will become more beautiful, and the marks and stains left behind will soften into a lustrous bronze color.

Regarding how to care of your aniline leather bags, use high-quality conditioning products specifically designed for leather, such as natural balm leather lotion, which does not contain oils, chemicals or waxes, to avoid shortening the life of leather products. In arid areas, the leather should be serviced every few months. In humid areas, you can keep it serviced every six months.

If you are a person who values craftsmanship and appreciates individuality, then our shop is the right place for you. We love travelling around the world to bring back unique handcrafted products for our customers. Come & see us, we have more surprises for you in store 😊


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