Little Ideas For Little Kitchens

Looking to infuse your small, sad, bland, plain kitchen with a little bit of spring like excitement? Well we are here to say, you don’t need to go big, expensive or permanent! These design details,although small, will make a big impact on your kitchen space, so easy in fact that you could add them to your kitchen today! 


Add hooks under a shelf or cabinet to hang a collection of your favorite tea cups or coffee mugs

Not only is this a decorative and functional idea, you will save room in your cabinets by not having to store your cups and mugs in there — you’ll smile every time you walk into your kitchen when you show off your collection of cute tea cups or coffee mugs with hilarious sayings. And since hooks can be picked up at your local hardware store for hardly any money and installed in minutes, this is the very definition of a small design detail you can add easily!


Add some fresh herbs planted in cheery containers

ANY plant will do when it comes to cheering up a sad kitchen with live green things. But fresh herbs have the added benefit of also being a functional, fresh element to your space. Who doesn’t love adding fresh herbs to a dish as they’re cooking? Up the ante by planting the herbs in cute and colorful containers, like old tea tins, cups and saucers or planters to match your personality.


Include some art

We don’t know why this room seems to get neglected when it comes to art, but we just never seem to add art to this space. So change that today by transferring a favorite piece into your kitchen space. You don’t have to place anything big in there…in fact including a small piece in a spot with lots of negative space will have an even bigger impact.


Find a mirror to add in

Especially if you don’t have a lot of light in there to begin with, adding a mirror will not just add a decorative element to the space, it’ll brighten it up!


Make a spot for grocery lists and positive affirmations

Because the kitchen is such a busy, bustling, functional room, you can get away with adding certain decorative elements in there that might not work in other more serious spaces. One of which is creating a reusable spot you can jot down your weekly grocery list or write down funny sayings that cheer you up daily. You can splash a little chalkboard paint on a wall or cabinet, bring in a whiteboard or add a roll of butcher paper to hang on the wall to doodle on.

Love your little spaces! Love SCAPE x

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