Our favorite family escapes: Fern Paradise the family run hotel

My husband is a seasoned traveler, as he used to be a skipper and sailed around most parts of the world. Most hotels we have visited seem to blur  after a while, but one that will always stick out as our firm favorite is Fern Paradise.

Fern paradise isn’t just a hotel, it’s a family-run business. The owner Om is an excellent host, always willing to go the extra mile, not only did he offer to pick us up from the Chang Mai airport Thailand but he made sure that my family felt completely at home, during our stay. Fern Paradise was designed by Om’s father, who is a passionate fern lover, an architect, photographer and former Olympic athlete! He is an extraordinary man who has truly lived a full life!

This place is a tropical paradise! Staying in a converted rice barns set on stilts surrounded by clusters and clusters of ferns, allows guests to have a real close encounter of the Thai rice culture and the authentic architecture!  Once inside your converted rice barn, you will find a four-posted bed, for all you romantics, this is the perfect honey moon spot! Even though you are in a rice barn, each room is equipped with all the modern facilities.  Supporting the roof are colossal  rustic wooden beams. If you love handmade rustic wooden furniture like we do, this is the place for you!
Look at them enjoying themselves!

Looking out of the massive bay window in your room, you will see a vast jungle of banana leaves, a sea of ferns exploding out of gigantic urns and little geckos sunbathing on the wall…. For someone who is used to the typical English rose gardens, the lushness and the wildness of this jungle is a real shock to your system!

A bit different from your typical English garden!
I often felt like I was staying in a giant tree house, like Tarzan and Jane. Life felt so carefree living in my own little fern jungle! All the paperwork at home, all the worries, all the problems have faded away. I loved every minute of staying at this place, from start to finish, I didn’t want to leave!
I’m not the only one who didn’t want to leave!

The breakfast setting was just picturesque, we were seated by a lovely waterwheel near a canal! After breakfast, we cooled off by diving straight into the still sapphire pool, surrounded by a variety of ferns. I floated around aimlessly while gigantic butterflies, colorful birds and squirrels zipped in and out!  Every angle of the garden is just picture perfect, it looks so effortless, yet when you look closely, you can see all the effort and hard work being put in to keep this place looking so amazing…….What a genius Om’s father was to create such an  stunning tropical oasis!

The beautiful breakfast setting!
If I haven’t already given you enough reasons to stay, the best way to see Fern Paradise is at night, when all the lights in the garden illuminate this place. Unfortunately, my camera had terrible night vision and I failed to capture the night view of these amazing gardens. I was completely awestruck and speechless, when the lights threw a magical show of light and shadow on the ferns. I sat by the window on my own for a long time, forgetting about time and space, forgetting about all the ”have to’s” and ”must do’s” in this busy world. That night I had a dream that I became a fern, drinking the rain and eating the sunlight………….
Too cute!
To top off the end of our stay, Om’s father gave all of us a free tour of his fern collection. His collection ranges from  (more than 400 species) around hundreds and hundreds square meters terrain. The love and care sewn into ever inch of Fern Paradise was just unbelievable!
 I must stress that this is not a five star hotel like Four seasons! Fern paradise is not a big company, it’s a small business, run by a lovely, hospitable and talented family. They do everything from their heart! There is so much passion, so much care behind this stunning tropical paradise…..
Ferns everywhere!
After we came back to the UK from Fern Paradise, we started to think about transforming our own furniture shop into a secret garden, into a place that brings you peace and blissfulness away from the hustle and bustle of the world.
We want our shop to be your special sanctuary, a place that makes you forget all about your paperwork, housework, homework, all types of work. A place that leaves all the list of ”have to” and  ”must do” behind!
It is our dream to transform Scape Interiors into the greenest furniture shop in the UK!
This year we are well on the way to achieving this dream. We have put so much hard work behind it, we have truly transformed our little family shop with the help of our shop fairies…..We have adopted so many animals in our oasis, elephants, cats, sea horses, bulldogs, lions……..
greenest furniture shop greenest furniture shop
elephant sculpture
She is my favourite one in our oasis!





                                                                           Love SCAPE xxx
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