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Perfect tips for perfect cruise holidays

One of our shop pixies is a season cruiser and had also worked in the cruise industry for a long time. She is here to share a few tips to all you lovely people who like to make the most out of your cruise holidays !

1) When looking into booking a cruise, as well as ringing the cruise line directly, get the quote from 3 to 5 travel agencies as each offers different prices and packages. You are likely to get a better deal from a travel agency instead of the cruise company.

2)  if you are celebrating a special occasion on-board, make sure you let the cruise company know prior to your cruise, as they might be able to add in something a little extra such as a celebration cake !

3) pack your swimwear and a change of clothes to a separate bag on your first day, so you can dive into the cruise life straight away even if your cabin is not ready or your luggage is still on your way to your cabin.

4) attend as many activities as possible as it is a great way to make new friends and try new things.

5) take out an annual multi travel policy as long as it includes cruise cover. This tends to be the more economical choice if you are hoping to take more than one trip a year!

6) if you are prone to seasickness, cabins located mid-ship and on lower decks have less movement.

7) if you want a cabin in a quiet location, select one not near the lifts , restaurants and bars.

8) if you have a dietary request, let the cruise company know a while in advance so that can cater to your needs.

9) do not choose a cruise line purely based on the ports of call ; look into the ship’s facilities and check if that is ideal for yourself.

10) some cruise lines offer guarantee cabins; these are available at a lower price but have certain restrictions. When booking, you choose the grade of cabin you would like but your actual cabin number will be selected by the cruise line at a later date. They will either offer you a cabin at your selected grade or one higher. This option is not the best for everyone though as some individuals may want a particular location e.g mid-ship.

11) check prior to booking whether your sailing includes tender ports, as these ports of call are more likely to be cancelled if there is bad weather.

12) phone signal is not always that reliable on the cruise, so bring walkie talkies if you want reliable communication with your family and friends.

Happy holidays!

Love Scape xxxx

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