Precious Moments

Now I LOVE having lots of photos out around the house to remind me of all those beautiful places I’ve been, the wonderful people I’ve met along the way, and the moments shared! It can sometimes be tricky to firstly find space (especially in my flat!!) and secondly think of artistic and interesting ways to display them so you really do them justice!  

So with this in mind I have compiled a list of what I think are the top 10 ways to hang your precious moments.

1. Photo frame blocking. With this way you can use all different kinds of frames, shapes colours, sizes. Select a certain space and just block them together so that they fit within that space.



2. Grab an old Picture Frame. All you need to do this is an old frame, ( try you local charity shop) some string or wire, and some pegs. Pop the picture and the glass out so that your just left with the frame, you can then either paint it or have it as it is. Sting your wire from on side to the other. Peg your photos on, and ta-dah!!



3. Photo Shelves. You can buy these little babies in most home stores. They are just deep enough to prop up your photos, but not so wide that they get in the way, so you can put them near enough anywhere!



4. Photo Screen. This is a real DIY job, not too tricky though. All you need is a bit of timber, some chicken wire, and 6 hinges. Alternatively, a handy dad or husband, a slice of cake and a mug of tea!



5. Next up we have this pretty little idea, perfect for any dresser or sideboard! I love the collection of antique frames on the antique tray, but if the antique look isn’t quite your bag, it would work just as  well with a collecting of wooden frames, shabby chic, or even block coloured frames!



6. Here we have one of my all time favorites….. the bike wheel!! I think this idea is just perfect, especially if you are a biking person/family! Material include one old bike wheel and a load of pegs! Simples!



7. Here we have the classic peg wall, all you need for this boy is a reel of wire or string and yet again those old faithful pegs!! I think that this always looks best when you use the old square photo shape, or Polaroid pictures! There’s also an app you can get where you can send off to have your Instagram photos printed!



8. Here we have another real crafty way to display your photo frames! These photos have been attached to a twiggy wreath but a wooden frame would probably work just as well! All you need to do is to twist some wire through the hooks on the back of the frame and then again around the wreath or frame, and hey presto, one beautiful photo collage!



9. Here we have a really lovely and easy idea! Photo jars!! These are great literally anywhere, you can even have some outside if you use jars with lids!! So many possibilities!



10. And finally the most beautiful, time consuming and not necessarily practical is left till last! This photo skirt would be perfect for any boudoir! It also gives me the idea of photo lampshades!! Hhhmmm interesting!!


Which one is your favorite??

Happy Snapping! Love SCAPE X

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