London Pepperbox 6 cannon revolver

6 Cannons Pepperbox Revolver England 1840


Product Description

The London pepperbox revolver circa 1840 was the prequel to the latter Samuel Colt revolver and it was the first design in side arm capable of firing six shots in rapid succession. Although the barer had to manually turn the barrel to line up the next shot it was still formidable due to the speed at which the next shot could be fired in comparison to the flint lock fire arms typically used at that time.  Shortly they acquired the added benefit of automatically turning as the hammer was cocked for the next shot. They rose to prominence during the American civil war and became popular throughout Europe especially in the tight living spaces of the Victorian cities of that time as they were easy to conceal and devastating at close range.

Exact replica in regards to materials dimensions and weight.

Height: 35 cm; Width : 49 cm; Depth : 7 cm

Weight: 1 kg

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