Some Buying, Some Sun, and a Whole Lot of Fun!!

After a very busy few months leading up to Christmas, by new year it was definitely time to get away, re-fuel and re-stock the purged shelves of the shop……….and what better place to go than the beautiful country of Morocco?! So I jumped on a plane and went to stay with my friend for two weeks! Yay!!


I have driven the length and breadth of Morocco before, and there are many wonderful, exciting, and beautiful places to see, such as the mayhem in the markets of Marrakesh, the starry skies of the snow capped Atlas Mountains, the stunning streets of Essaouira, and the grand palaces of Casablanca, the hustle and bustle of the big cities to the tiny fishing villages of Tafedna, and Tiznit, that play host to stunning coastlines and surf breaks. But of all the places I have been there is one place in Morocco that truly holds my heart, that of a tiny but bustling surf town called Taghazoute, where I have escaped many a cold British winter.

Taghazoute is a small surf town in the south of Morocco, half an hour from the city of Agadir. With friendly faces, beautiful coastlines, lovely cafe’s and a whole lot of surf, its a great place to spend your winter!

After spending a few days lounging in the sun, swimming in lagoons, surfing and riding jet ski’s, I decided it was time to do some all important buying!! ( I make it sound like work…. it really isn’t). So we got on a bus and headed in to Agadir to go to the Souk. The Souk in Agadir is HUGE, with over 10 gates leading in to different sections of the market you can literally spend days wondering around finding new things, having tea, chatting….. it’s great!

There are literally hundreds of different things that I wanted to bring back to Scape, beautifully woven Berber carpets and rugs, hand cut lanterns, hand stitched bags, hand painted pottery…. I would go on but the list is just ENDLESS!!

On my way through, I happened across a very nice man selling some traditional Moroccan jewelry.The jewelry is made from all different stones, and beads; it was all handmade by his family in the Sahara desert, it is literally to die for!!

The pieces I have brought back are ALL STUNNING, here’s a sneak peak of me trying some on!


Morocco is a country of sounds, sights and smells that ensnare the senses and capture your heart. The people are welcoming and warm, and the work that goes into making the exquisite products found there is remarkable! Needless to say we have big plans to go back again in the van at the latter part of the year, and bring back to Bournemouth a small slice of the heaven that we find there!!

Happy 2015, may you travels capture your heart!!

Love SCAPE xx


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