These Interior Design Trends Already Make 2017 A Better Year Than 2016

I think everyone agrees on the fact that 2016 was a trainwreck – some will even go as far as to call it the worst year in History, but let’s not get dramatic here. Now that we’ve been able to kiss that year goodbye, time to face forward and take a peek at what’s waiting for us in 2017. And to be honest, the future looks bright!


2017 is going to be… lush!

Who cares that it’s winter, in 2017 bright colours are in! Exit 2016’s pastels, it’s time to bring some life in your oh so sweet interior by adding colourful accessories!
And the little plus: Greenery is the official Pantone Colour Of The Year.

Green, the colour of nature. Green, symbol of hope, luck, growth. Ideal for a fresh start.

So whether you go for plants, indoor vines, silk flower arrangements,  throws, cushions, or literally any kind of vibrant decorations, your colourful interior will feel like a fresh breeze and give you just the motivation rush that you need!

Even our shop is styled in this lush look, we are no ordinary  furniture, we are a furniture shop that looks like a jungle, an oasis…………..Come in store and get inspired!

2017 is going to be… natural!

Check out our solid wood twisted stool!

It’s not just about colours, materials matter too! And this year, you’ll want to go ORGANIC. Wood, stone, or even cork walls, they’ll give to your room some natural and cosy vibes. Far from being just a fashion or make up trend, le au naturel is just what your interior needs too!

Intricate side tables or ornaments, let the “outdoors” style come in!


2017 is going to be… artisanal!

Super stylish dark mango wood bookcase!

How much time have you spent working with DIY tutorials over the past few years to decorate your house? I bet the results are lovely, but this year, you might want to trust the professionals instead. Blown glass, porcelain and wondrous woodwork are signing their grand return! Now is the time to consider putting down Pinterest and investing in some timeless and sustainable furniture and decorations.

Head over to our catalogue to discover our range of beautiful solid indian hardwood furniture and find the piece(s) that will perfectly adorn your house in 2017!

Pro tip: If you’re interested in buying porcelain, you should look up Limoges Porcelain – amazing quality products made in France! I know, I know… what even is Limoges?! Well it’s not a what but a where, I’ve lived there for 13 years and I can guarantee you their china is top-shelf.

Because if you buy stuff you love, no matter the era or the price,
your home will truly be a reflection of you.

Alright 2017, bring it on!

Love, Scape xxx                                                                                                                                           © Author: Charlène Belabbes

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