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Behind The Scenes at Scape: A Window In The Making

Seasons change, and our windows do too. Here at Scape, we always put our hearts into creating the most whimsical windows for our lovely customers. And your feedback never fails to make us feel warm and happy inside!

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Ever wondered what comes into play while composing a magnificent window? Join us on the joyful ride that was our latest complete window makeover!

Stage 1: Chaos and destruction

Alright, maybe not destruction, but simply saying that the shop was a mess during this process is too much of an euphemism.

As we took down the festive winter-themed decorations from our previous windows, the room started to look more like a festival of glitters polystyrene and fake snow than what our shop normally looks like.

No kidding, I had some stuck in my hair for 2 days straight!

I’ll leave it to you to picture all the boxes pilling up in the rear of the shop, with some bubble wrap about… everywhere.

And to add to that, we also had electricians paying us a visit to set new lines, so let’s not forget the dust from drilling into the ceiling and the bits of cable laying around randomly on the floor between the tools and ladders.

Yep, sounds lovely right?

window display

Stage 2: Rise from the ashes

But like a majestic phoenix, we rose from our ashes, determined to get our 2017 looks even more astonishing than before!

We entrusted our shop fairy and visual designer Emma with this task, and as always, she did an amazing job working with colour themes, height, depth and lighting to give each of our windows its very own style and vibes; and also worked with the angles to make your entire walk through equally magical.

window display

Stage 3: World of wonders

And not only did we focus on making these windows look good, we wanted them to represent our shop’s ethos as well. That is why they are filled with fair trade products from all over the world!

Among all these wonders, we’re very proud to present you our brand new handmade lamp shades from India, as well as our lamps handmade out of shells and pots from Indonesia, hand carved rocking horses and sea horses from Thailand, handmade twig room divider from Vietnam, throw and heart boxes made in India too… and so many more!

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And  here is our finished window!

window display, shop window

We’re sincerely hoping that our new windows will stir up a little bit of wanderlust in you!

Love, Scape xxx                                                                                                                                           © Author: Charlène Belabbes

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