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11 ways to ruin your wooden furniture – and how to repair it

Newsflash! If you own wooden furniture or think about buying wooden furniture, this blog is for you.


Top ways to ruin wooden furniture:

1 – Long-clawed artistic cats with a passion for sculpture

2 – Never taking care of it or polishing it (neglect / de-hydration)

3 – Using it to keep your bonfire alive

4 – Being rude to your removal men just before / during moving

5 – Letting it enjoy the sweet summer days and the joy of sunbathing

6 – Flooding your loft

7 – Too much procrastination (it’s only a little scratch/stain, I’ll take care of that later…)

8 – Letting some teenagers/uni students have a party over at your place

9 – Artistic kids with a passion for colouring but can’t keep it in between the lines just yet

10 – Playing the knife game right on the table

11 – Hungry pups who like to chew on furniture legs


Well, unless you’ve actually done No. 3, there might still be hope for your furniture!

Here’s our brand new tutorial video to show you how to take care of your dark mango wood furniture, light mango wood furniture and sheesham wood furniture – and worst case how to repair it and make it look brand new again!

For more details on how to care for your wooden furniture, check our furniture care page!

Love Scape xxx



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