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It’s getting close to that time of year when I get itchy fingers in my flat; winter should soon be leaving us and coming up the rear will be lovely lovely spring! This does,however, mean it’s time for a spring clean, a bit of a move around and adding a new bit of spark to the house! So here are a few really easy ideas to jazz up your pad!! 

1. How about a new funky fridge?? All you need is some ingenious removable wall paper and the center piece of your kitchen will be exactly that!!



2. If you’ve got a wooden floor or a wooden floor hiding under your carpet, why not paint it? There are lots of great ideas, all you need do is to choose your theme and grab some stencils, or if creative, go free-hand!



3. How about this REALLY easy idea? I know that my internet router is an eyesore, so why not cover it up with a hollowed out book! I wonder if I can find one big enough for the Play station? Hhhmmmmm…..



4. Still got your paint brush and stencils out? Why not jazz up that old chest of drawers? Alternatively do a bit of decoupage or wallpapering??



5. Something a little bit more tricky, might need your handyman’s help for this one, but you can turn literally anything into a hanging light, (as long as it’s not too heavy!!). I absolutely love these vintage coffee pots!!!



6. If you can’t do the last idea, how about this easy-peasy one? Old graters turned into amazing tea light holders! They make brilliant patterns too!!



8. And finally, another one of my favorites, that also happens to be easy as pie (you also get to drink a bottle of gin, BONUS!!) Turn your old spirit bottles into your new soap dispensers!! Looks so great in the bathroom, or how about popping one in your kitchen for the washing up liquid??



Have Fun!! Love SCAPE x

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