sheesham wood half-moon shaped console table hallway table with 1 drawer

Do you need a console table?

First seen in 17th century France, the console table is one of those furniture pieces that have all the features and benefits to make you wonder how you managed without one…

A console table is normally no wider than 17inches, therefore making it ideal for narrower spaces such as a hallway, but is versatile enough to be used as a vanity table, a hallway table or even a bar if that is more your kind of vibe…

I am guilty of throwing my keys onto the stairs when I get home in the evening, so my next investment is going to be in a console where I know my keys, purse, etc will be secure and out of sight. (Having recently been alerted to car thieves literally ‘fishing’ through letterboxes in order to get your keys!) If you like the classic designs of sheesham wood, this 2-drawer 1-shelf sheesham console table is worth a consideration.

sheesham hallway console table with 2 drawers and 1 shelf

For narrow hallways or where floor space is at a premium, an ‘open legged’ retro style sheesham wood console table is ideal and is also more in keeping with modern-styled, minimal homes.

Two tone sheesham wood study desk console table with 3 drawers


I think this light mango wood 2-drawer console table looks amazing with a quirky planter and some distinctive houseplants, there is the option to place a mirror behind, or go one step further with some floating shelves to increase storage options and also to create some interest floor to ceiling?

light mango wood 2 drawer console table with a shelf


‘But I don’t have a hallway, what do I want with a console table?

Ok, but consider this…a console table makes a perfect vanity table, drawers and shelves for the multitude of products and an on-trend, round mirror above completes your make up station!


‘I don’t use make up, tell me why I still need a console table’

As a console table sits against the wall, it creates a perfectly secure area for a bar…space for almost all of your alcoholic beverages and cocktail utensils. Does this stunning sheesham wood console table with the brass effect finish drawer tempt you?

Retro Style Sheesham Console Table with Brass Effect Finish Drawer


‘I don’t wear make up and I don’t need another area to place a lamp, why do I need a console table?’

I hear you, however… with the average television now being no thicker than four inches, here is yet another perfect end use for our console, as a tv unit!

At the perfect height to be seen from all around a room, this is the perfect solution when you don’t have space for a standard, wide tv unit, especially in a kitchen or bedroom.  Our hand-carved 2 drawer light mango wood console table with hexagonal patterns will also bring a touch of handcrafted uniqueness to the room, too.

2-drawer light mango wood hexagonal patterned console table / hall table

I had a tough time picking out my favourites instore, maybe you will find yours straight away, either by visiting our store in the beautiful Westbourne arcade or browsing our complete collection on our website

Love Scape xxx




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