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Tips for Bohemian style interiors

The Bohemian style of interiors is an ever popular growing genera, maybe because it allows you to bring all the different cultures of the world into your personal living space. It incorporates lots of bright colours and bold vivid patterns. Today we are going to break down the different elements of this particular style, hopefully teaching you all you need to convert your living space into a beautiful bohemian relaxing retreat.


Plain sheer curtains in either black or white, layered window coverings always work well add a plain Roman blind underneath the sheer curtains or a heavier velvet type of material. Or you could hang really light billowy curtains over wooden shutters.


The lighting needs to be in a Moroccan style incorporating coloured glass, thick re-claimed wooded wall sconces make a good addition too. Lamps can be any type made from natural materials like wood or shells, large paper lamp shades also look excellent with the bohemian style. Remember to always use the warm light bulbs rather than the cool white type.

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The best type of flooring to use for this style would be either rough wood, brick or funky tiled flooring, remember you can never have enough rugs in the Boho style. The rugs should be typical Persian, Indian or Moroccan style with vivid colours, the more weathered they are the better. Rugs should cover most of the floor and you can even over lap rugs to create the true nomadic look.



Most art work will work in the Bohemian Styled interior, the most important thing to remember is to leave no blank walls, therefore more is certainly required here. Try to incorporate black and white photography of famous bands from the sixties or seventies, or wild animals, classical oil paintings and abstract paintings both work. You can stack art work up vertically on the walls so as to incorporate as much as possible. Mix in some hanging sculptural pieces like ceramic deer heads, also hanging an old guitar or tambourine on the walls can help you to create that well travelled bohemian look. Some people even like to hang woven textiles pieces on there walls or cow hides.


Add lots of colourful cushions of different sizes , colourful or black and white throws for added warmth and texture. Plenty of plants large floor plants as well as windowsill plants add some hanging indoor plants in woven hemp or rattan hangers or perhaps hanging terrariums. Moroccan or Indian style foot stools are a must in this style, like these hand embroidered ones from India available from us also.

Main Attributes of the Bohemian Style

The Bohemian style home must look like the owner is well travelled, if your not well travelled you can still create this look by shopping for your accessories at Scape Interiors West where its buyers have already scoured the earth looking for those unique hand made accessories, lighting, furniture and soft furnishings.

Other items associated with this particular genre of interior style are coloured glass, Buddha or Hindu sculpture, ocean décor like sea shells, glazed aged vases , vintage world maps and stacks and stacks of books. An oversized gilded gold ornate mirror is also a must for this style like this one of many available from us.

Make sure there are no empty corners in the Bohemian style if your not sure just stick a plant there, vintage styled weathered furniture , bright colourful chairs and plenty of trunks is a must also.

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