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Q&A on Indian sheesham furniture: answering your most popular questions

Here at Scape, we receive so many enquiries about our premium Sheesham wood furniture. We are proud to have always been a family run business, we started designing and importing our furniture in 2008. Over the last 14 years we’ve learned a thing or two about furniture including Indian Sheesham wood wood also known as Indian rose wood. Having been used since the earliest colonial days in the construction of premium hardwood furniture, it has proven to be one of the most durable woods around.


Sheesham wood, in other words Indian Rosewood or DALBERGIA SISSO is a simple deciduous tree found mainly in India, Kenya and Madagascar. These trees usually reach a height of 15 to 20 meters, although some of them grow up to 40 meters. The wood obtained from them gives the interior warmth and refinement. The original and special brown-dark purple colour with oily rings distinguishes this stylish species from many others.  If you’re looking for unique furniture that will make your interior stand out among the others, sheesham wood is a top choice. Below is an example of our furniture made of this type of wood. We also have a massive range on our website to choose from.


Definitely, it is a long- term purchase that will work in every home. Indian sheesham wood furniture is resistant to scratches and watermarks. They are characterized by high hardness and made to last for many years.

You can rest assured about the quality of the wood we use,  they are the best quality wood,  sustainly sourced and certified by the Forestry Stewardshop Council;  they have gone through a lengthy 6 years kiln dry process before being made into furniture, thus ensuring the furnture has minimium movement as times goes by.



These tips are easy and fun when it is time to clean your furniture. First of all, remember the main element of the care, which is to put pads or mat under the feet of the furniture to avoid scratching the wood.

• Always start the cleaning process of your sheesham wood furniture by wiping off the dust. Repeat the activity so that the delicate surface does not become dull.

• To avoid scratches on furniture while cleaning, use a suitable attachment like a dust collector. If you don’t have one, use a soft microfiber cloth instead of a vacuum cleaner.

• Apply a product specially intended for cleaning wood on the surface of furniture. Don’t use bleach, washing up liquid and so on.



The most popular products used for polishing rosewood furniture are beeswax. We recommend Briwax in a medium brown finish. Make sure your furniture is clean and dry,  you can then apply thin layers of polish along the grain of the wood. Repeat the polishing process as needed.

*Pro tip*

We have a great homemade recipe that will make your furniture looks glossy and shiny: Mix half cup of olive oil and 1/4 cup of white vinegar. Dip your microfibre cloth and rub to a high gloss. Enjoy!



One of the most exotic collection, that is being processed form the finest Indian Sheesham range.

This Jali style Indian sheesham wood bookcase is provided with metal inserts on the sides allowing natural light to penetrate showing off your most prized ornaments & classic books.  It’s characterized extraordinary elegance reflects the bygone age of the British colonists where smart sophistication was the order of the day.


6. What are your best selling sheesham furniture?

Our sheesham wood 2-in-1 trunk coffee table with 12 drawers helps to keep your room tidy;  you can keep all the children’s toys or blankets in the trunk. With twelve drawers,  no need for a junk drawer to ever exist in your home again, no more wasted time searching through that drawer to find something, everything neat and orderly.

sheesham wood half storage trunk 2-in-1 coffee table with 12 drawers

Our sheesham wood half moon TV stand is true craftsmanship at its very best , such a difficult process to steam and manipulate this extremely hardwood into a circular form on the sides. You have a choice to either sit your flat screen on top and as it’s so strong will take the weight of any size LCD Television , or to wall mount your TV with this TV stand beneath with all you Sky/ Virgin , games consoles neatly stored with no wires visible!


Indian sheesham wood half moon shape TV stand


Sheesham wood glass display cabinet  showcases your very most treasured possessions in this fabulous cabinet. Handcrafted using traditional carpentry techniques passed down from generation to generation,  your items will be sure to look absolutely amazing with its glazed Georgian panelling on the front and sides,!


sheesham wood glazed glass display cabinet

Our large sheesham wood plasma TV stand comes with a contemporary design but also shows the rustic charm of the beautiful Sheasham wood.  Its low profile design looks perfect underneath your large flatscreen television again with two shelves store all your media boxes and concealed wires behind. It also has two cupboards to hide away all those games and other essentials that you want close to hand.


Large sheesham wood plasma TV stand TV cabinet

Last but not the least,  here we have a traditional handcrafted wrought iron Sheesham wood butler tray. The tray lifts neatly away from the stand enabling one to carry out all those drinks and food items into the garden perfect for alfresco summers. Then after use, all the legs fold flat so this piece can be stored neatly away,  taking up hardly any space at all.


sheesham wood butler tray with iron stand


You can also check out the rest of our sheesham wood furniture range from our website. We hope that we have answered all your questions. For more queries, you can contact us directly via:

[email protected]

Love Scape xxx


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