modern Indian sheesham wood display bookcase room divider with 2 drawers

Practical bookcase, how to choose?

We can all find some books in every house, sometimes we can see them on a bookcase or just buried some old boxes. Sometimes a collection of books is a memento of a loved one, which means it has a sentimental value. Therefore, it is worth taking care of yours books, elegantly displaying them and protecting them against moisture and neglect. In order to organize the book collection, we often buy various bookcases. Each bookcase should be considered  by the size of the room and the number of books you have to store. You should also consider whether the bookcase should have cupboard doors, open shelves, or drawers. The choice is very large, so what should you choose?

Practical bookcase- how to choose?

The perfect bookcase is distinguished by perfect design (in line with your sense of aesthetics) and functionality – first of all, you need to determine what budget and what space you have available. In the case of less well-arranged rooms, it may be a better solution to order shelves for books of a certain size. In order that, you will make the most of the available space, and the books themselves will gain the right amount of space. However, we cannot always afford built-in bespoke designs as they can become very expensive, therefore it is worth considering purchasing a ready-made bookcase, with so many fabulous designs and different dimensions on  the market you will be sure to  find the perfect fit. Here are a selection of some of our best selling bookcases:-



  • This light mango wood Bookcase – could be a great idea if you have a good collection of books  and you have one free wall, with its free flow geometric design its great for showcasing your ornamental pieces and family photos as well .
  • Being also available in a dark walnut finish one can be purchased to fit into any style of room scape you may have.


  • This industrial style light mango wood- 2 drawer Bookcase -will work well for small rooms, as it is raised off the floor housed in a strong durable iron frame it gives the illusion of more space as one can see their floor underneath it and because the sides are thin strong iron and the back is open. With the added benefit of two spacious drawers to put away those things you’d rather not be seen.

  • This chunky light mango wood two hole cube unit– a great choice for people who read before going to bed, with the added beauty of amazing natural light mango wood grain to really add the feel of nature into your room.

solid light mango wood 3 shelf bookcase lifestyle


When looking for a suitable bookcase be guided by quality – our modern bookshelves are all hand crafted out of the finest hardwoods in the world, using age old traditional proven carpentry techniques made to be strong, durable and to stand the test of time. We’ve got in our offer wooden furniture that will guarantee not only aesthetic storage of books, but also durability for years. Before making your final decision, check the load on the shelves and the dimensions of the entire rack, and then compare all these parameters with your books. That’s how you will ensure that all your books and other precious items are stored safely at your finger tips for as long as required.

FEATURED PRODUCTS: wood colonial style bookcase (different sizes available)

Hand-carved hand-painted Indian light mango wood 2-door small bookcaseHand craved, hand- painted Indian light mango wood 2- door small bookcase

Retro style light mango wood bookcase/ storage cabinet

                                   Dark mango bookcase with 2 drawers


                         Dark mango wood bookcase with 3 drawers

These are only just a small sample of what we have on offer, please feel free to contact us directly with your specific requirements in regards to your storage needs, we are more than happy to help.

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