fairies and mermaids

Fairies and mermaids

Escape to a fantasy world with our new mythical creatures that have just arrived…we have enchanted fairies each with different names, including a Valentine’s fairy for that special someone. We also have a family of merfolk that have just set up home, so come and lose yourself in the magic!

Why not capture some of this magic in real life though, by globe- trotting across the world? Witness how these mythical creatures come to life in Rome at the Trevi Fountain where sea-horses and Tritons take your breath way. When I visited I was completely awestruck by the fountain and it was hard not to get caught up in its rich culture. I even drank from the fountain which is one of the oldest water sources in Rome.

But if Rome doesn’t tickle your fancy, you might want to visit Copenhagen where you can see a life-sized mermaid! Denmark is home to one of the most famous mermaid statues, “The Little Mermaid” and attracts thousands of people each year. Unfortunately I can’t say that I have visited, but it is definitely on my bucket list for 2018, maybe it could be on yours too?

Love Scape xxx

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