Making spirits bright ( a small Christmas miracle)

On the 20th of December 2017, in our lovely Westcliff Baptist Church, old and young were gathered together for a charity event, the Christmas Tea Dance. Many local shops were helping; some donated cake, some small gifts and some gave their time and volunteered to make Christmas for some of the elderly a little less lonely and a little bit brighter.

In preparation for the event we, the Scape team, started wrapping up small presents and writing gift cards. Bobbi and Jenny were writing the cards, Justin picked some presents, Carol and I were wrapping all the small gifts and gave out leaflets to passers-by. We were working as a team, and so did the whole Westbourne community. Thanks to the great work of everyone the event was a great success and we made a lot of people, who may have spent Christmas time alone, a little bit happier.

Especially in December near Christmas eve so many people, mostly elderly,are alone. Some of them may not have a family any more and I think it’s great that the Westbourne community took the opportunity to spread the Christmas cheer on that day. Christmas is about love and laughter in the cold season and why not share that happiness with somebody?

Our shop mascot, Scapey the snowman, was the star of the show, well, right after the Bournemouth symphony orchestra. He showed off his funny dance moves to the great music of the orchestra and gave out the presents and cards we spent a long time preparing. I was there as well, as the little helper of Scapey. It was a fun event, and everyone had a great time.

Hopefully the community of Westbourne can come together next year as well to make, not only themselves, but other people happy. I am looking forward to it. ^^


“Christmas is the spirit of giving without a thought of getting.”

Thomas S. Monson

Happy giving! Love Scape xxx



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