That’s a Wrap!!

Thank goodness for that, I’ve got all of my Christmas shopping done before the quality street tub has even been popped open, and I am rather pleased with myself!! 

Now it is time for my favorite part……. the wrapping!! Every year I come up with a new theme for my wrapping, and it’s always a fun talking point on Christmas day for my family. I do know however that for a lot of people the wrapping is a cause of great annoyance, so I

I have devised a list of my top 10 different and beautiful ways to wrap your presents this year so that they are the most beautiful under the tree!!!!!

1. So first up is a very classic, stylish wrap idea. Just using plain white and brown paper, then finishing with candy stripe ribbon and a pretty vintage bauble or a sprig of Christmas tree!!


2. Next up a very simple yet really creative fun idea. Cut out any shape, sew around all the edges bar one so you can then insert your gift, then sew it up and add a bow!!  Note: make sure you use thick paper!!


3. How about this? Another simple yet very effective wrap idea, and if you can remember your childhood, i am sure you will be a master at this!!


4. How about this novel way of giving someone something fizzy this Christmas??


5. This is an easy one for all you anti-wrappers out there. Sew or glue a pocket on to the front of your gift bag to pop a little extra present in there, then finish it off with a matching bow!!


6. This is a really simple and sweet idea. All you have to do is cut your loved ones initials out of old Christmas cards, and simply tie them on, pretty and thoughtful!


7. How about this unique way of giving someone money for Christmas!!


8. I love giving my nephews slippers for Christmas, there is just something so festive about receiving new slippers and pjs for Christmas when you are little. But with this idea you can make it even more fun by filling them with chocolates and toys!!


9. I love wrapping things in fabric, you can just use some off cuts, or you can wrap a gift in a scarf or something similar, a present within a present!


10. And last but not least another very cute fabric wrap idea, tie one side then the other just like a picnic bundle.



Happy Wrapping!!! Love SCAPE X

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