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Mirrors seem to be a common object in our daily lives, but they are also essential. Every day, you start looking at yourself in the mirror when you have just woken up, and then end after removing all the disguise and exhaustion in the mirror. Mirrors may help us to organize our appearance most of the time in modern life, but in ancient times, the status and symbolic significance of mirrors in people’s hearts goes far more than this.


The earliest mirrors found were made of obsidian, which has always been used to ward off evil spirits. I often imagine that our ancestors were surprised or frightened when they first discovered such a mysterious material that reflected their true appearance. Scientists have discovered that, apart from humans, only chimpanzees, dolphins and elephants can realize that the reflection in the mirror is actually themselves, that is, they have self-awareness.


Did human beings experience the same conflicting and frightening moments as other animals when they first realized that this substance could reflect their true selves? This may be one of the reasons why the mirror is regarded as a magical object in mythology throughout the ages.


The most classical character must be snow white as she appeared in the mirror. In this fairy tale, Snow white’s stepmother was obsessed with asking her magic mirror questions, wondering who the most beautiful person in the world is, and the mirror’s answer was always Snow White.


In this fairy tale, perhaps it is better to say that this mirror is just playing its original role, allowing the queen to recognize herself and the jealousy in her heart.


Fairy tales are also a reflection of reality. In the Middle Ages, people believed that mirrors were magical objects with mystical powers, and wizards believed that mirrors could connect the earth with the gods, so they often sought answers to questions from mirrors. People are always conflicted, they want to see who they really are, but also fear it. We can see that even in contemporary English literature and movies, mirrors occupy an important position. Many novels and movies use the characteristics of mirrors to give them special tasks. In harry porter there was a magic mirror called Erised, and everyone who stood in front of it could see the deepest desire in their heart. The mirror was undoubtedly a bridge between people and their inner self.


Time has come to the 14th century, and the craftsmen in Venice have mastered the polishing and manufacturing techniques of stunning glass mirrors. The beginning of the Renaissance also shifted the focus from religion to the people themselves. The role of mirror decoration was gradually enlarged. The nobles liked to decorate their houses with ornately carved mirrors. This also led to the fact that, around the 16th century, some of the mirrors produced by famous Venetian masters were three times more expensive than famous paintings. In the 17th century, the king of France louis XVI ordered the construction of the hall of mirrors in the Palace of Versailles, which is famous for its 17 mirror clad arches composed of a total of 357 mirrors.


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We guarantee that the raw materials of all of our mirrors are the finest quality float glass. Our best-selling Art Deco sandbanks mirror comes in gold, ivory and silver.


Whether it is placed on the wall of the living room or as a makeup mirror in the bedroom, with the exquisite carvings above the mirror, it can bring the ultimate romance to any room. Imagine yourself dressing up in front of the mirror, lovely music and nice fragrance, the perfect day begins. Nowadays, many people love taking pictures in the mirror. I am sure that when you post your photos on social media, tons of likes will come your way.


Art Deco Mirror Decorative mirrors Square mirror Polygonal mirror Golden mirror


Maybe someone likes to put a beautiful painting on top of the sofa? That’s a really good idea, but have you ever considered that a highly stylized mirror can also bring a distinctive life to your home? Outside the window are buildings or green plants to match the weather. When they reflect on the mirror, you can get a different view every day. Mirrors for this purpose are not only Art Deco mirror, but also Contemporary mirrors, which have a large enough surface to reflect a beautiful scenery. In addition, there are many contemporary mirrors in the store, such as Brighton Mirror, which is very creative, and it can be perfectly integrated into any modern furniture environment. If you are an Airbnb host and show this mirror, I believe your guests will think that you are a very tasteful person, perhaps because of such small details will choose to live in your house.


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Full-length mirrors are very important for trying your outfits. Verwood Fitting Mirror comes with 6-mm bevelled glass and hand-carved wooden frame, it will be a perfect addition to your home. If you are a blogger who loves to take photos or record videos, this mirror can better show your look and create the illusion of open space and offer a grandiose view at any room in your home.


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