Old Sweater?? New Cushion!!!

So I’ve been searching high and low for something fun and inspiring to share with you all to help with your Halloween decorating this year!! No doubt you’ve all got some great party plans, and whether you are decorating you house ready for some scary fun with your own friends or that of your little monsters, this idea is fab for all, AND you can keep it all year round!!


Ok so here’s what you’ll need to complete this devilishly fab cushiony greatness!!
-thick white wool
-plastic wool needle
-black knit sweater (or any colour you fancy)
-fabric scissors
-plain black cotton

AND to top it off, the softest pillow you can get your mitts on!!!


Ok so first put a foam core board inside your sweater so it lays nice and flat while you work, a piece of cardboard would be fine too. The great thing about cross stitching is that you can make your design as big or as small as you want just by making each X bigger or smaller. Start with one of the longest rows near the middle of the skull so you can keep each line straight and balanced in relation to that first line. Just get a long piece of yarn threaded through your yarn needle, knot the end, and come up from underneath the sweater so the starting knot is hidden on the back side.

To determine your X size, examine the weave of your knit and see if there are distinguishing marks you can use to measure your X size. For example, there are lots of vertical columns in this knit, so all the Xs are two columns wide and then just make sure they are all the same height.


Stitch the correct number of Xs across, and then move to the next row.


When you get to the end of your yarn, tie a new piece on the underside and knot it close to the sweater. Re-thread the yarn and continue your pattern.


There’s probably a more correct way to cross stitch as far as where you go in and come out of your fabric to make the Xs, but that doesn’t really matter for this project. Just go in and out where it makes the most sense and straighten the wool with your fingers as needed. The back may look a bit messy, but that’s OK 🙂


Once your pattern is complete, knot the yarn on the underside and trim the string. Cut two pieces of plain black fabric that are your final pillow size with 1″ added for a 1/2″ seam allowance. (So this pillow is 18″ square, so cut two pieces that are 19″ square.) Flip your sweater inside out and center one of your cotton squares over your skull pattern and pin around the edge. This cotton will act as a backing for your sweater material. Repeat this step with the back half of your sweater and the other cotton square.


Cut your sweater up the side seams to separate the front from the back. Using a sewing machine, stitch 1/4″ in from the outside edge of each of your cotton squares.


Trim the excess sweater away from your cotton backing.


Place the two pillow halves together (right sides facing each other) and pin around the edge. Sew together with a 1/2″ seam allowance leaving a 5-6″ opening to fill the pillow.


Flip the pillow right side out, stuff the pillow until it’s as full as you like, and sew the opening closed with a blind stitch. That’s it!

Happy stitching, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!






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