God save the pallets!

Some of the creative folks out there are coming up with awesome ways of reusing, recycling and re-purposing wooden pallet into wooden furniture and home accessories.  At Scape, we receive pallets from our suppliers regularly, and we are keen to save these pallets from going to a landfill or becoming firewood. So we put together a collection of some of our favourite recycled pallet projects below.

1. wooden jewellery holder :  have a look at the picture below, we have turned a pallet into a jewellery holder and display our entire range of  Treaty jewellery on it.  Guess how much the cost of this project is? ONLY £2.50, just to get some nails to hang the pallet on the wall !!!!


2. retro coffee table:   simply sand the surface and then put 4 wheels on, and you have a cool coffee table sitting in your living room.  Think about how enormously proud every time you are, when you tell your guests you made it!!!


3. pallet wine rack :  just cut a pallet into a quarter of its size, sand the surface, and ta-dahhh, this lovely wine rack comes alive!  If you want the wood darker, just apply some of the dark beeswax to stain it.


4.  Swing: how super cool is this ! I can just imagine lazy Sunday afternoons swinging in the garden…


5. pallet planter:  create your own pallet garden, try strawberries, herbs, fern on this pallet planter, it really works!


6. pallet wall shelves:  need extra shelving for your favourite photos, books and magazines? Just need a bit of sanding on the surface to get rid of all of the splinters.


7. sofa:  if you don’t want to fork out thousands of pounds buying a new sofa, give this a go! Again, remember sanding the surfaces first.


8. garden tool organizer:  fed up with tripping over tools in the shed?  Here is the lifesaver!



10. Pallet shoe rack: a perfect place to keep all your high heels… wave goodbye to the clutter……


A note on using pallets.  Pallets are typically marked with either MB which means they’ve been chemically treated or HT which means they have been heat treated.  Some pallets are also pressure treated with preservatives.  You should try to avoid using MB marked and pressure treated pallets for interior projects and gardening projects.  Try to avoid those nasty chemicals if you can.

Have any of you re-purposed a wooden pallet?  Share and comment below!

Do you have a shop and pay hundreds of pounds for your point of sale stands? Consider wooden pallets! You can use them to display handbags, wine bottles, shoes, plants and so on.

If you live locally in Bournemouth area and need a pallet for your project, just give us a call;  we are happy to give them away for free!

God save the pallets!

Happy recycling!

Love SCAPE x

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