Our Travels in Italy

Every year we travel to different places in the world to discover new, interesting people and their amazing artisan talents to bring back to our little shop in Westbourne, for you, our lovely customers to enjoy! This summer we visited the whimsical canals of Venice, the city was truly as magical as it looks in the movies. We had a wonderful time, wandering around the cobbled streets, sitting in piazza drinking delicious coffee, and whiling away afternoons boating on the canals.


It was peak tourist season, and the little town we were visiting near Venice was packed. We decided that we had had enough for the day, time to head back to our hotel room. But whilst meandering back through the back streets,we suddenly came across this amazing showroom showcasing the most beautiful chess sets we had ever seen! Each chess piece is so intricately engraved!

After a quick chat with the maker, whose family have been making chess sets for generations, we decided to stock them! People from around the world have been collecting these chess sets for years and we knew that they would be perfect for our shop!! To our surprise, we found out that there was nobody stocking these wonderful chess sets anywhere in the South of England, and so seized our chance and decided to stock them then and there!!!

We are super excited to receive our first order, and bring a little bit of Italy back to all of our wonderful customers!!


So where should we go next on our travels? We are already looking!!!!

Any suggestions? Let us know!! The crazier the better!!

Happy Travelling, Love SCAPE X



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